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“The food there is just great, authentic, great portions, great values,….just a great place to go and eat.”

“When you come to Al Bawadii you have to get the kebabs, just so juicy, delicious, so please please please try the knafa for dessert, but do not miss the kebabs here.

The Patch featured us in 2013 in their Ramadan article “Following the Fast: How Restaurants Handle the Ramadan Rush Hour “.

“You will leave smelling faintly of smoke and charred meat. You will be happier for it.”

“Servers seem positively thrilled to provide explanations and recommendations for the vast menu.

“In an area of the city i have found lacking in food options Al Bawadi really stands tall. Hopefully there is enough of a track record for Al Bawadi to garner GNR status.”

Very authentic middle eastern restaurant!Try their mix mashawi plate,it comes with rice and a side! Also, don't miss out their meza and hummus! 

“Though the tastiest thing of all might be a freebie: the complimentary garlicky eggplant dip that starts the meal”


Al Bawadi was featured in their article “12 Terrific Middle Eastern Restaurants in Chicago”.

“Bridgeview's Al Bawadi is generally regarded as the 800-pound gorilla of Middle Eastern restaurants”


Though Elliott Bambrough only heads to Bridgeview this Middle Eastern spot makes you feel like you’ve traveled thousands of miles.

NBC 5.png

One of the best places for such cuisine in the Chicago area is Al Bawadi Grill in Bridgeview, according to NBC 5's Food Guy Steve Dolinsky.

“I rarely get to go back to restaurants for a second or third time…but every now and then I get to make a return visit, and it was with great pleasure I found myself near southwest suburban Bridgeview yesterday, allowing me to dive headfirst into the spreads, dips and kebabs at Al Bawadi Grill.

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