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Our Story

From our family to yours, Al Bawadi Grill is the premier Chicago area restaurant providing guests with the complete culinary experience when it comes to enjoying traditional middle eastern and Palestinian cuisine.  In the Middle Eastern culture, our foods consists of a vast array of hot and cold dishes, served in small size portions to allow the patron to sample and share a sizeable variety of items.

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OUR Menu

Our menu has it all; we try and satisfy all your cravings with all our delectable options:
sandwiches, grilled skewers, vegetarian dishes, drinks, and desserts. Our tangy salad dressings, juicy grilled kebabs, crunchy sandwich wraps, and our savory desserts are just a few examples of how we try to give you the full authentic Middle Eastern cuisine experience.

About Us

Al Bawadii Grill opened its first location in 2008 in Bridgeview, IL also known as Little Palestine. Everything including the restaurant’s atmosphere to your server’s attire down to each bite you take brings you closer to the traditional Middle Eastern and Palestinian cuisine. Al Bawadi serves all appetites: breakfast, dinners, desserts, meat lovers, and vegetarians. We make sure that each plate that is brought to your table is made to perfection.

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The knafeh is a must try when coming to Al Bawadi grill. This popular Middle Eastern dessert is made of a layer of crushed phyllo dough topped with cheese and cooked on a low flame. Before serving, it is soaked with a sweet sugar syrup and topped with crushed pistachios.
It doesn’t stop there, per your request, Al Bawadi can come out to your events and make knafeh on the spot for you. Nothing beats a fresh warm plate of knafeh straight off the flame. You’ll have your family and friends savoring every bite.

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