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Authentic Middle Eastern dishes prepared over a natural wood open grill and served in an exotic atmosphere reminiscent of a dessert oasis. They are known for their tender kabobs and delicious appetizers. The coffee is authentic and strong, not for the light-hearted! Great Middle Eastern Restaurant in Chicago Land Area.

Welcome to Al Bawadi Grill

From our family to yours, Al Bawadi Grill is the premier Chicago area restaurant providing guests with the complete culinary experience when it comes to enjoying traditional middle eastern and Palestinian cuisine.  In the Middle Eastern culture, our foods consists of a vast array of hot and cold dishes, served in small size portions to allow the patron to sample and share a sizeable variety of items.


At Al Bawadi Grill, our menu offers a selection of kebabs to seafood to an array of vegetarian items. We offer more than 50 meza items, ranging from familiar dishes, such as hummus, falafel and tabouleh to more traditional delicacies. Everything that we serve comes from original family recipes passed down through generations. With the supervision of our Chef and co-owner,  Kal Ismail, each dish that is served is sure to bestow the quality and freshness Al Bawadi Grill is well known for.


For those unfamiliar to Middle Eastern food, a helpful service staff will guide you through what is sure to be a habit-forming journey.


Interior Restaurant Layout
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